Yunnan Ancient Tree Black Tea 2016 – Yunnan Gu Shu Hong Cha


Yunnan Ancient Tree Black Tea 2016 – Yunnan Gu Shu Hong Cha

Type: Black
Season: Spring 2016
Origin: Yunnan province, China
Form: Loose Leaves

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Yunnan Gu Shu (Ancient Tree) – Black Tea

Gu Shu means ancient tree in Chinese, the tea trees that made this tea began their life in the 17th Century! The older the tree the bigger and deeper the roots which means that they are able to absorb more of the minerals from the soil for their leaves. In turn this yields a tea which is naturally richer than young trees. Drink a bit of Yunnan history with this delicious Black Tea.  These tea trees are mostly used for producing Pu Erh Tea, rarely does any farmers produce Black Tea which makes this a very special tea.

The tea leaves are relatively large, compared to other Black Tea and especially compared to Jin Jun Mei types. This is a highly regarded tea amongst us at Healthy Leaf, recommended for Black Tea lovers.


Dark chocolate, vinegar, slight smoke, flowers, hint of garlic, spices and boiled wiener sausage.


Slightly dry mouthfeel, balanced with complexity. Fruity flowers, dark chocolate, rock/clay minerals, roasted peanuts, slight hint of smoke.


This tea is the perfect drink to finish off a heavy meal. It will make you feel focused and alert like most tea will. However you will not experience a jittery caffeine high as with coffee, because the caffeine is released over a longer period of time compared to coffee and it also has a high amount of L-theanine which has a calming and relaxing effect on the brain.

Gong Fu Brewing:

Use approx. 4 g leaf pr. 150ml water. Rinse once, steep times should be around 10-20 seconds and add a few seconds for each subsequent steeping. The temperature should be around 90-95 degrees celsius. We prefer Porcelain Gaiwan and porcelain cups for this tea, glass will give a lighter more delicate taste which is preferred by some. Yixing pots will give a darker smoother brew.


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