Infected Mushroom 2003 – Dali

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Infected Mushroom 2003 – Dali

Type: Raw (Sheng) Pu Erh
Season: 2003
Origin: Dali, Yunnan province, China
Form: 250g Mushroom, tightly pressed.

This is a raw (sheng) Pu Erh which means that the leaves were picked and treated like a green tea. The natural micro-organisms in the leaves cause the tea to ferment slowly over the years which makes for a more complex and smooth tea full of forest floor flavour. We recommend rinsing well before brewing.



Infected Mushroom – Raw Pu Erh – Dali

Infected Mushroom is a raw Pu Erh from Dali in Yunnan province. A blended tea, with some old tea tree’s and some young tree’s. Old style smoked Pu Erh, with its age this tea makes a smooth mellow and delicous brew. It perfectly represents the humid, sub tropical terroir with strong flavours of a vibrant and wild forest.

A great tea to drink with heavy and fatty food to cleanse the palate and the stomach. Delicious also on its own as a potent mood and focus enhancer. We highly recommend using Yixing pot with this tea, this is one of those teas that REALLY comes out when using a yixing pot.

I’m as smooth as they come. Mellow soft and soothing. But watch out, my nickname is tea drunk… 


Smoke, wood, whisky barrels, juniper tree.


Smooth & soothing, smoke, berries, wood, spices & herbs and vintage apricot jam.


This tea is the perfect drink for digestive purposes after a big fatty meal, and a great tea to drink all day to help maintain good vascular health due to its fat dissolving properties. It will also make you feel focused and alert. People in Yunnan have an extremely high fat and cholesterol diet, yet they stay slim with low cholesterol and low rate of heart attack. They drink Pu Erh tea on a regular basis. Aged Pu Erh tea is also a good place to start if you want to experience a tea drunk feeling. Pu Erh tea is known to make you Tea drunk, this tea may get you there.

Gong Fu Brewing:

Use approx. 8 g leaf pr. 150ml water. Rinse once, steep times should be around 5 seconds for the first  three steepings and add a few seconds for each subsequent steeping. Temperature should be close to boiling (100 degrees celsius). This tea will strongly benefit from using a Yixing pot. Ceramic gaiwan also work well with this tea, or Porcelain for a slightly thinner and more delicate taste. Our favorite is to combine the smoothness of the Yixing pot with porcelain cups (for a little more “bite”), or you can use ceramic cups for a smoother rounder taste.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    mrmopar (Steepster site)

    I set myself up some time to do this one. I was given a 10 gram sample of this to try. I heated the water and preheated the gaiwan. I tossed the sample in there after draining the water out and tossed it around. The aroma was pretty light.

    Going with the vendors recommendation with a good 20 second rinse since it is a tuo and compressed tight. I let it sit an hour and came back to it.
    First brew was light in color and a small amount of aroma woodsy and earthy. The brew was a bit silky and almost creamy in mouthfeel. There is just a tiny whisper of smoke in there. The brew has the wood notes and sweetness to it. I can see the jam note reference.
    Second brew brought out some more notes. I can faintly get the juniper the vendor described along with some mineral and sweetness. There is an aftertaste of mint if you let this sit across your palate and breathe in a bit.
    Third brew the wet leaf has started getting the whiskey barrel note to it. The brew is darker and full with the smoke coming back in but the sweetness and berry comes at the end.
    I expect this one to brew a while and I will add an addendum to this. It keeps getting stronger and may outlast me on the session for today. I have no doubt that this will brew well tomorrow as well.
    The thing about this tea is the aging. Not so dry as to not mature and not so wet as to get the mustiness that often accompanies it. This is right and one of the best, so far, Dali Tuos that I have had. I think if nothing else of trying this if you don’t mind the smoke touches in there. A sample if as good as the one I got will give you a great session with this tea.

    Flavors: Creamy, Earth, Jam, Smoke, Sweet, Whiskey

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