Fujian Oolong 2015 – Fu jian wu long cha


Fujian Oolong 2015 – Fu jian wu long cha

Type: Roasted Oolong
Season: May, 2015
Origin: Anxi, Fujian province, China
Type: Loose leaf

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Fujian Oolong – Fu jian wu long cha

Fujian Oolong is a lightly roasted Oolong tea from Anxi in Fujian province. This is a medium oxidized oolong tea, which makes it a mellow tasting tea with some of the heavier notes combined with som lighter notes of a greener oolong. This is a very easy tea to like, we highly recommend it.

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Balanced soft notes, some roast, some sweetness, flowers and saltiness.


Very soft and smooth. Roasted buttery taste, hint of flowers and salted popcorn.


This tea has a relatively low caffeine content compared to other tea’s and will make you feel relaxed, give enhanced mood as well as being a good digestive aid. The low caffeine content in combination with a high amount of L-theanine has a calming, relaxing and heightening effect on the brain.

Gong Fu Brewing:

Use approx. 5 g leaf pr. 150ml water. Rinse once, steep times should be around 20 seconds for the first  steeping and add a few seconds for each subsequent steeping. Temperature should be around 90 degrees celsius. This tea is versatile with regards to teaware, it taste great in Porcelain, Yixing and Ceramics. Porcelain will focus on the floral sweet top notes, whilst Yixing pots and ceramics will give it a super smooth and thick liquor.


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