Bu Lang Ancient Tree 2012 – Bu Lang Gu Shu


Bu Lang Ancient Tree 2012 – Bu Lang Gu Shu

Type: Ripe (Shu) Pu Erh
Season: August, 2012
Origin: Bulang Mountain, Menghai, Yunnan province, China. Bulang is one of the six famous mountains to be picked as the best tea producing mountains in Yunnan 1962.
Form: 357g Cake

This is a ripe (Shu) Pu Erh which means that the leaves are picked, withered and pan fired before being piled for a couple of months in a heated and moist room to accelerate the natural fermentation process giving a mature but clean flavour.

Pu Erh tea helps with eliminating fat, improving your body’s metabolism and strengthening your body for youthful longevity. Pu Erh lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and helps with weight control. It is the perfect tea after a heavy meal as it helps relieve any indigestion and aids in the digestion of fatty foods.

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Bu Lang Gu Shu (Ancient Tree) – Ripe Pu Erh

Ripe (Shu) Gu Shu Pu Erh from more than 200 year old tea trees in Yunnan province. A complex and tasty Ripe that will enhance your mood and concentration. It perfectly represents how a well made ripened Pu Erh should taste.

The tea trees that made this tea began their life before the 18th Century! The older the tree the bigger and deeper the roots which means that they are able to absorb more of the minerals from the soil for their leaves. In turn this yields a tea which is naturally richer than young trees. Drink a bit of Yunnan history with this delicious Pu Erh.

A great tea to drink with heavy and fatty food to cleanse the palate and the stomach. But also delicious on its own as a potent mood and focus enhancer.


Hint of fresh strawberries, moss, dry autumn leaves in the forest with early morning dew and caramel sweetness.


Full bodied flavour, typical ripe taste slightly earthy with a pharmaceutical hint, mild, round, coating the mouth with a slight caramel-fruity sweetness.


This tea is the perfect drink for digestive purposes after a big fatty meal, and a great tea to drink all day to help maintain good vascular health due to its fat dissolving properties. It will also enhance your mood and great for concentrating. People in Yunnan have an extremely high fat and cholesterol diet, yet they stay slim with low cholesterol and low rate of heart attack. They drink Pu Erh tea on a regular basis.

Gong Fu Brewing:

Use approx. 5 g leaf pr. 150ml water. Rinse twice, steep times should be around 5-10 seconds the first two steepings and add a few seconds for each subsequent steeping. Temperature should be close to boiling (100 degrees celsius). This tea will strongly benefit from using Yixing clay and or Ceramics. If you dont have or want to invest in a Yixing pot, we highly recommend using a Ceramic gaiwan and ceramic cups for a deeper, smoother and fuller taste compared to that of porcelain or glass.


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