About us

Hi. My name is Thomas Gunvaldsen, I'm the founder of Healthy Leaf. I'm a Norwegian man living in Ningbo, China. Let me tell you a little about us, how we operate and our motivation for running this business.

To be honest, the reason we, or should I say I started this shop in the beginning of 2017, was literally to continue my obsession with tea while keeping the peace at home so to speak. This way I can support my tea habits while sharing the cream of the crop with you.

Tea drinking for me is similar to sipping wine or whisky (minus the hangover). There are hundreds of different varietals each with their own unique flavours and aromas, not to mention how age and storage will affect the tea. Not only does tea taste great but it has a myriad of health benefits, a healthy indulgence if you will.

At the core of it we are a team of dedicated tea lovers, who strive to offer our customers the best tea experiences possible. Worldwide. We are not, nor will we ever be a big brand marketed for profit. We want to share the great tastes we find on our journey throughout China with you, tea lovers of the world.

Want to learn more about the Health Benefits of tea? Or maybe Gong Fu Tea?

Enjoy your cup.
All the best,
- Thomas